This is a basic examination of your child’s teeth with a mirror and explorer.  We do not take xrays and always recommend that you follow up with your dentist for a full exam including xrays.  Tooth B.U.D.D.S. sends home a referral form to the parent/guardian citing any visual signs of decay so the parent can then connect with their dentist for necessary restorative treatment.  

What is Teledentistry?

Tooth B.U.D.D.S. uses teledentistry to efficiently connect patients to a dental provider for treatment needed beyond the preventive services provided by the hygienist. MouthWatch teledentistry software allows Tooth B.U.D.D.S. to send intraoral camera images of the patient’s mouth directly to their dentist.  This can help to cut down on the amount of appointments needed for dental work because a general assessment can be made by the dentist from these images.  This can be extremely beneficial for families that live out of town and make a significant sacrifice to make it to their dental appointments.

Images sent directly to your dentist for your convenience. Helps to cut down on dental appointments needed for restorative treatment.