Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) is a liquid that can be painlessly brushed on a cavity on a child’s tooth to stop decay.  Unlike regular fluoride that helps strengthen the tooth to prevent a cavity, Silver Diamine Fluoride stops a cavity once it has started. 

SDF does not restore the tooth to it’s original condition. It only keeps the cavity from progressing further. A cavity, which is already dark brown, will turn black in color when the treatment has been effective. This does not hinder the dentist from restoring the tooth with a beautiful, white filling. A black, INACTIVE cavity can be fixed by a dentist the same way a dark brown, ACTIVE cavity is fixed.


  • No drilling
  • No needles
  • No sedation
“The upside, the great one, is you don’t need to drill and you don’t need an injection.” –Dr. Margherita Fontana
“Being able to paint it on in 30 seconds with no noise, no drilling, is better, faster, cheaper…I would encourage parents to ask for it. It’s less trauma for the kid.” —Dr. Richard Niederman


  • Cosmetic only! The area of decay will turn black. Healthy tooth structure will not be affected.
  • There are no side affects associated with Silver Diamine Fluoride
Only areas of decay will be affected. Healthy tooth structure is not affected. The option to allow these baby teeth to fall out naturally without a filling is now an option.